What Are the Books in the Karen Kingsbury Series?

As of 2014, Karen Kingsbury has written several series: the Redemption series; five volumes of the Baxters series; the Firstborn series; the Sunrise series; the Above the Line series; the Bailey Flanigan series; the 9/11 series; the Lost Love series; the Forever Faithful series; the Cody Gunner series; the Timeless Love series; and the Angels Walking series. Each series, except for Angels Walking, contains two to five books.

The five Baxters series contain four to five books each. The Redemption series contains five books: "Redemption," "Remember," "Return," "Rejoice" and "Reunion." The Firstborn series also contains five books, "Fame," "Forgiven," "Found," "Family" and "Forever." The Sunrise and Bailey Flanigan series each have four books in them: "Sunrise," "Summer," "Sunset," "Someday" and "Leaving," "Learning," "Longing" and "Loving," respectively. The Above the Line series has four books as well, all named "Above the Line" and subtitled "Take" plus a numeral.

The 9/11 series contains three books: "One Tuesday Morning," "Beyond Tuesday Morning" and "Remember Tuesday Morning," which was once called "Every Now and Then." The Lost Love series books are "Even Now" and "Ever After." Books in the Forever Faithful series are "Waiting for Morning," "A Moment of Weakness" and "Halfway to Forever." The Cody Gunner series contains "A Thousand Tomorrows" and "Just Beyond the Clouds," and the Timeless Love series books are "A Time to Dance" and "A Time to Embrace."

The newest series, Angels Walking, has just one book of the same name as of 2014. Three more books are planned for this series: "Chasing Sunsets," in 2015; "A Brush of Wings," in 2016; and "Always and Forever," in 2017.