What Are Some Books by Jude Deveraux?

What Are Some Books by Jude Deveraux?

Jude Deveraux's novels include "Sweet Liar," "Velvet Angel," Legend", "The Enchanted Land," "The Black Lyon," "Scarlet Nights" and "River Lady." Jude Deveraux is a New York Times bestselling author specializing in historical romance novels.

Jude Deveraux has over 60 million copies of her books in print. Her novels are translated into 18 different languages. She began writing full-time after teaching fifth grade in Sante Fe, New Mexico, beginning her writing career with historical novels. Many of her books feature the Taggert and Montgomery families. More recently, her novels have focused on the McTern family. The McTern family tree is even featured on Jude-Deveraux.com. Her books span generations, focusing on the lives and romances of the families she writes about. Deveraux says one of the reasons she enjoys writing historical fiction is due to the research involved. She loves delving into her characters’ worlds and discovering how they lived their everyday lives. Her research is very specific and is sometimes quite lengthy. Deveraux has written several series, including the Forever, Montgomery/Taggert, Montgomery Annuals, Twin, Edilean, and Lady series. She also has written quite a few standalone books. Some of her most popular novels are "A Knight in Shining Armor," "The Velvet Promise," "Eternity," "Wishes," "Remembrance," "Always," "Twin of Ice," and "Temptation."

In "The Enchanted Land," Deveraux's first book, sheltered Morgan Wakefield must live in wild 1800s New Mexico for a year as a married woman to inherit her father's ranch. When Morgan learns that Seth Coulter has property in New Mexico and offers him money to marry her for a year, he agrees. After an initial unexpected romance, lies and misunderstandings force them apart.

"The Black Lyon," the first book in the Montgomery/Taggart series, is set during the reign of Edward I of England. The earl, called the Black Lion for his dark looks and his fierceness, is scarred by his first wife's hatefulness. Lyonene makes him laugh, but after they marry, he becomes convinced that she is betraying him. She sets out to save the marriage, but ultimately it is he who must rescue her.

"Scarlet Nights" is the first of the novels set in Edilean, Virginia. Sara Shaw is ready to marry Greg Anders, when he leaves three weeks before the wedding. Soon after, Sara's best friend's brother, Mike Newland, secretly enters her apartment and tells Sara he is moving in. Mike, an undercover detective, needs Sara to help him find Greg's mother, who is actually a wanted criminal, but he has his own secrets.

The romance in "A Knight in Shining Armor" starts when 16th-century knight, Earl Nicholas Stafford, appears to 20th-century woman Douglass Montgomery in an old English churchyard. He is there to discover who accused him of treason; she agrees to help.