What Are Some Books by John Corey?


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Some John Corey books by the author Nelson DeMille include "Plum Island," "The Lion's Game" and "Night Fall." The latest novel by Nelson DeMille in which the character John Corey appears, as of 2015, is titled "Radiant Angel," published in May 2015.

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John Corey made his first appearance as an NYPD homicide detective in DeMIlle's "Plum Island." At the end of that novel, he goes into retirement because of a medical condition, and the author said that originally he was not planning to write about the character anymore. However, reaction from his readers and critics, which was overwhelmingly positive, made DeMille rethink his decision.

After "Plum Island," John Corey was the protagonist of six other DeMille novels. In the second novel, "The Lion's Game," the character comes out of retirement and joins the fictional Federal Anti-Terrorism Task Force. In this and the novels that follow, he goes on to become one of the most important anti-terrorism agents in the force, in charge of crucial operations at home and abroad. In "The Lion's Game," he marries an FBI specialist that he met on the job, Kate Mayfield. The two characters join together to hunt down and destroy terrorist operations for the six novels that follow "Plum Island."

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