What Are Some Books by Johanna Lindsey?

What Are Some Books by Johanna Lindsey?

Some books by Johanna Lindsey include "Glorious Angel," "Home for the Holidays," "Hearts Aflame," "One Heart to Win" and "Joining." Lindsey started her writing career in 1977 and as of 2015 her books have sold more than 58 million copies.

"Glorious Angel" is about Angela Sherrington, a poor man's daughter. She fell in love at the age of 11 years with Bradford Maitland. Maitland's father had promised Sherrington's mother before her death that he would keep a close eye on her upbringing and he kept that promise by living with her in his mansion.

"Home for the Holidays" is about the Mallory clan that goes to Haverston Maner to celebrate Christmas. However, the family has conflict when James Mallory learns that one of his brothers had taught his daughter foul language.

"Hearts Aflame" is about a Viking merchant's daughter who goes looking for adventure and love after sneaking away on her brother's boat. She disguises herself as a boy and tries to help her brother and friends when Royce of Wyndhurst captures them during a raid. However, her disguise does not last long because Royce discovers that she is a woman.

"Joining" is about a friend who save the life of another. To repay the kind act, the friend whose life was in danger promises the other that his eldest daughter would marry his friend's firstborn son. Their children meet after a few years and the meeting becomes a disaster after the lady's falcon attacks the man.

"One Heart to Win" is about young ladies who marry for different things such as love, social standing and money. However, one lady marries to end a feud. The lady also reluctantly meets her father to honor her mother's wishes.