What Are Some Books by Janet Evanovich?

What Are Some Books by Janet Evanovich?

Books by bestselling author Janet Evanovich include "One for the Money," "Wicked Appetite," "Metro Girl" and "The Rocky Road to Romance." Evanovich authors several popular series, including the Stephanie Plum books, the Fox and O'Hare series, and the Lizzy and Diesel books. Evanovich has also authored a number of standalone romance novels and a nonfiction book about writing.

Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series follows the adventures of bounty hunter Plum. As of November 2015, the series includes 26 installments, most of which include numbers in their titles. In addition to "One for the Money," the series includes "Two for the Dough," "Three to Get Deadly" and "Four to Score."

The Fox and O'Hare series, which Evanovich co-authors with Lee Goldberg, details the ongoing connection between an FBI agent and her main prey, a high-stakes con man. Titles in the series include "The Heist," "The Chase" and "The Shell Game."

Evanovich's Lizzie and Diesel series focuses on a search for a set of magical stones. In addition to "Wicked Appetite," the series includes "Wicked Business" and "Wicked Charms," which Evanovich co-wrote with Phoef Sutton.

Other novels by Evanovich include "Naughty Neighbor," "Back to the Bedroom," "Love Overboard" and "The Grand Finale." Evanovich's nonfiction book, "How I Write," offers advice on editing and revision, tips about plotting stories and dealing with the publishing industry, and an inside view of what it's like to be a bestselling writer.