What Are Some Books by Janet Dailey?

What Are Some Books by Janet Dailey?

Books by Janet Dailey include "Calder Born, Calder Bred," "AR-Valley of the Vapours," "Silver Wings Santiago Blue," "The Best Way to Lose" and "The Not Forgotten War." Her first book was released in 1974, and she primarily wrote romance novels.

Dailey wrote both series and standalone novels. Her first book, "No Quarter Asked," started the Cord and Stacy series. She wrote two more books in that series, "Fiesta San Antonio" and "For Bitter or Worse." Her other series are the Calder series, the Aspen series and the Americana series. The Americana series has one novel set in every state.

Dailey was born Janet Anne Haradon on May 21, 1944. After graduating high school, she began working as a secretary at a construction firm. She married the owner, Bill Dailey, in 1964. They eventually sold the company and traveled throughout the United States, and during that time, Dailey read romance novels frequently. After repeatedly saying that she felt she could write a better novel, her husband challenged her, and she began writing.

Dailey was sued by another romance novelist, Nora Roberts, for plagiarism in 1997. Dailey's novel "Notorious" was similar to Roberts' novel "Sweet Revenge." The case was settled, and Dailey blamed the plagiarism on stress due to her husband's cancer surgery.

Dailey died in 2013 due to complications from heart surgery.