What Are Some Books by Heather Graham?


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Some books by Heather Graham are "Phantom Evil," "Heart of Evil," "Sacred Evil" and "The Evil Inside." These books are part of the "Krewe of Hunters" series.

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"Phantom Evil" is about Adam Harrison, a paranormal investigator who forms a secret unit within the U.S. government. This group contains six members with unique paranormal backgrounds and abilities. The leader of the group is Jackson Crowe, who was saved by an ancestral ghost as a child. Harrison assigns police officer Angela Hawkins as Crowe's partner. The plot begins when they investigate a case in New Orleans where a senator's wife dies by falling off a balcony.

"Heart of Evil" is about Ashley Donegal, a plantation heiress who hires a paranormal investigation group to solve a case involving a corpse that was discovered hanging from the angel statue. This particular statue marks the most majestic vault in the plantation's cemetery. The investigation team include Jake Mallory, a musician with paranormal talents who also has some ghosts of his own.

"Sacred Evil" tells the story of Detective Jude Crosby during his investigation of a rising starlet who was murdered. The crime scene mimics Jack the Ripper’s gruesome work, but it has a more dangerous and mysterious edge.

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