What Books Are in the Harry Hole Series by Jo Nesbo?

What Books Are in the Harry Hole Series by Jo Nesbo?

The Harry Hole series began with "The Bat," followed by "Cockroaches," "The Redbreast," "Nemesis," "The Devil's Star" and "The Redeemer." The next book was "The Snowman," followed by "The Leopard," "Phantom" and "Police."

The series follows Harry Hole, a detective who works for the Oslo crime squad and is known for both his skill at solving cases and his unorthodox methods. He smokes and is an alcoholic, although he typically keeps his drinking under control.

Although Hole lives in Oslo, he travels frequently throughout the series. In "The Bat," he goes to Sydney, Australia to assist the police after a Norwegian citizen is murdered. "Cockroaches" has Hole in Thailand due to the murder of a Norwegian ambassador.

In "The Redbreast," Hole follows an assassin through Norway, though the job also takes him to South Africa. "Nemesis" deals with a bank robbery in Oslo. Hole stays in Oslo to track a serial killer in "The Devil's Star." "The Redeemer" has Hole tracking a hitman through Norway." In "The Snowman," Hole investigates a cold case regarding a Norwegian serial killer.

After "The Snowman," Hole moves to Hong Kong for a self-imposed exile. He returns to Oslo to investigate a series of murders in "The Leopard." He returns to Hong Kong after that, then goes back to Norway in "Phantom" to investigate a murder for which his girlfriend's son is the main suspect. In "Police," he investigates a serial killer targeting the Oslo police.