What Books Are in the "Hank Zipzer" Series?


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The "Hank Zipzer: The World's Greatest Underachiever" series includes 17 published books, as of July 2015. The co-authors, Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver, have also written several "Here's Hank" books about Hank's experiences in the second grade. The character is based on Henry Winkler's adventures as a child with dyslexia.

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The first "Hank Zipzer" book, "Niagara Falls, Or Does It?", introduces Hank, a fourth grader who is intelligent but has learning differences. Reading and writing are real challenges for him. In an attempt to slow down the program directory on his TV, Hank disassembles the cable box. Then his sister's pet iguana lays eggs in the box, and comical chaos ensues.

In each story, Hank's unique strategies for working around problems pit him against his teachers in funny scenarios. In "Holy Enchilada!", the sixth story in the series, Hank gets into trouble for accidentally putting three cups of hot peppers into a recipe that only called for one-third cup. His teacher threatens to take away recess for the rest of the year if the guilty person does not confess. The story illustrates how Hank's learning differences frequently cause problems, but his intelligence and positive attitude enable him to turn things around.

Other titles in the series include, "I Got a D in Salami," "The Night I Flunked My Field Trip" and "Barfing in the Back Seat."

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