What Books Are in the Gone Series?

What Books Are in the Gone Series?

The "Gone" series by Michael Grant features six books, beginning with "Gone" and followed by "Hunger," "Lies," "Plague," "Fear" and "Light." The first book was published in 2008, and another book followed each succeeding year. Michael Grant has announced that the sixth book, "Light," is the concluding book in the series.

"Gone" is a series of dystopian science fiction novels set in the fictional town of Pedido Beach, Calif., where every human being 15 and older vanishes. The town and surrounding areas are enclosed by an impenetrable energy barrier.

In this mysteriously isolated town, kids begin developing supernatural powers, such as telekinesis, teleportation, laser projection and invisibility. Empowered kids use their hands to focus their special abilities, so much so that antagonist Caine Soren forces kids he doesn't trust to have their hands encased in plaster so they cannot use their powers.

Throughout the series, protagonist Sam Temple and his friends battle Caine Soren and his cohort for control of the town, as well as a mysterious and malevolent creature known as the Darkness or the "gaiaphage."

While critical reception of the series has been mixed, it has proved enormously popular with young adult readers. In 2013, Michael Grant announced that Sony Pictures Television had acquired the rights to adapt "Gone" as a series for television.