What Books Has George W. Bush Written?

What Books Has George W. Bush Written?

Former President George W. Bush is the author of four books as of 2015: "41: A Portrait of My Father," "Decision Points," "A Charge to Keep" and "We Will Prevail." Additionally, another book called "George W. Bush on God and Country" is a collection of George W. Bush's speeches.

"41: A Portrait of My Father" is George W. Bush's biography of his father and namesake, former President George H.W. Bush. It offers an interesting perspective: a former president reflecting on the life of his father, who is also a former president.

Another book written by George W. Bush is "Decision Points," which highlights some key parts of his presidency, including 9/11, the decision to go into Iraq and the highly contested election of 2000.

Interestingly, Bush's book "A Charge to Keep" came out in January of 2001, 11 months before 9/11, the event that would define his presidency. In the book, George W. Bush discusses his intentions as president, the events in his life that shaped his political values, and why he wanted to run for president.

Finally, Bush's last book, "We Will Prevail," covers the time of his presidency from 9/11 to May 2003, when the war in Iraq was thought to have ended.