What Are Some Books With Funny and Inspirational Christian Stories?


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"Samantha Sanderson Without a Trace," "Adventures in Odyssey," "Hope Girl" and "The Princess Twins Play in the Garden" are all books with funny and inspirational Christian stories. The Mindwar Trilogy, the Dreamtreaders Series and the Ether Series are all book series that contain funny and inspirational Christian stories.

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The Beyond the Orphan Train series is an historical fiction book series by Arleta Richardson that follows a group of orphans as they look for a new home. This series, written for children, contains inspirational Christian themes such as trusting in God despite bad odds and being kind to everyone. Beyond the Orphan Train conveys these themes through humorous characters written to amuse children.

"The Dog that Whispered" is a Christian book by Jim Kraus that is both funny and inspirational. This book, written for adults, tells the story of a Vietnam War veteran without a wife or children whose lonely life abruptly changes for the better when his worry-wart mother gives him a dog. Hilarity ensues when the veteran and mother become convinced that the dog can talk. The book inspires readers to hold onto hope despite negative past experiences while discussing Christian themes such as perseverance, loving thy neighbor and believing in the impossible.

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