What Books Did Craig Johnson Write?

Craig Johnson is the author of a collection of short stories and 12 novels, including "The Cold Dish," "Death Without Company," "Any Other Name," "Wait For Signs" and "Dry Bones." A complete list of Johnson's novels, synopses, excerpts, reviews and reading guides are available at CraigAllenJohnson.com.

Johnson's first novel "The Cold Dish" was published in 2004. It is the first in a series featuring the character Walt Longmire. Longmire is the faithful sheriff of Absaroka County, having served for about two decades. The Longmire series chronicles the lives of the sheriff, his best friend and his deputy as they solve a variety of mysteries.

A series called "Longmire" debuted on A&E in 2012. Netflix now streams older seasons and is producing new seasons. "Wait For Signs," released in 2014, is a collection of short stories the author originally released to his fans on Christmas Even over the course of several years. Each story covers a single event in Longmire's life that does not appear in any of the novels.

"Death Without Company," the second Longmire mystery, was the Wyoming Historical Association's Book of the Year in 2006. Longmire investigates the suspicious poisoning death of a local woman residing in an assisted living home.