What Are Some Books by Dean Koontz?

What Are Some Books by Dean Koontz?

Some books by Dean Koontz include "The Bad Place," "Cold Fire" and "From the Corner of His Eye," all of which reached the number one spot on the New York Times bestseller list. "One Door Away From Heaven," "The Husband" and "What the Night Knows" were also number one bestsellers for Koontz, as were "Relentless" and "Intensity." While many of Koontz's novels are suspenseful thrillers, many also incorporate elements of science fiction and fantasy.

In addition to standalone suspense novels like "Hideaway" and "Midnight," Dean Koontz also authored a number of series, such as the Frankenstein novels, including "Frankenstein: Lost Souls," "Prodigal Son," and "City of Night." The Odd Thomas series, with books like "Forever Odd," "Odd Apocalypse" and "In Odd We Trust" have also been popular for Koontz, with "Odd Hours" reaching number one on the New York Times bestseller list.

Dean Koontz has also written a number of graphic novels and comic books, such as "Nevermore" and "Fear Nothing." Recently, he published several novellas, including "Final Hour," "Last Light" and "You Are Destined to be Together Forever." He also wrote the "Trixie" series of books for children, which are written from the point of view of his golden retriever.

"77 Shadow Street," published by Bantam Books in 2011, tells the story of a group of unique people who hold the key to the destiny of humankind, in a place where nightmares come true. "What the Night Knows," also published by Bantam in 2010, tells the story of a family forced to fight for its survival against a dark enemy. Also published in 2010, "Darkness Under the Sun" is a haunted tale of good versus evil. 2008's "Your Heart Belongs to Me" is the tale of Ryan, a heart transplant patient who is stalked by a mysterious woman.

"The Darkest Evening of the Year," first published in 2007, is the story of Amy, who is faced with a strange adversary. "One Door Away from Heaven," from 2001, stars Michelina Bellsong, who resides in a dusty California trailer park and yearns to change the direction of her life.