Which Books Contain President Obama's Life Story?


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President Obama's autobiography "Dreams from My Father" contains the story of the future president's life and times as a younger man and explores his connection to his race and to his family. The biography was largely acclaimed and deals frankly with the difficult periods President Obama experienced during his early life.

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Obama spends a great deal of time within "Dreams from My Father" discussing his own connection to race and his beliefs about the place of race in American life and politics. The book makes a case study of his experiences, plumbing the depths of his experience with racism and his dreams for the future.

The book also explores Obama's early romantic relationships and his close connection to his mother, who raised him largely on her own. He discusses the beginning of his own political career and his time in law school, where he faced even harsher prejudices than he did in everyday life.

Obama's experiences are codified within the book as a way to look at the larger experiences of the African American community. He quietly takes the stage of his own life, one beset by hardships but ultimately leading toward upward mobility and agency, and applies it broadly to the society around him which fought hard to keep him down.

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