What Are Some Books by Colleen Coble?

What Are Some Books by Colleen Coble?

Books by Colleen Coble include Sunset Cove and Great Lakes Legends series books such as “Mermaid Moon,” “The Inn at Ocean’s Edge,” “Shadow Bones” and “Windigo Twilight.” The books are about romantic mysteries with spiritual influence and focus on female characters.

“Mermaid Moon” focuses on a character named Mallory who travels back to her parents’ home to investigate her father’s murder. The search reveals a complex situation that puts her life in danger when the mystery starts to unfold. She learns more about her life through the experiences and tries to rekindle an old relationship.

Claire Dellamare witnesses a murder and informs the police who downplay her concerns in “The Inn at Ocean’s Edge.” After an employee of the Inn goes missing, Claire and Luke, whose mother died under the same circumstances some years ago, decide to search for the employee and solve the mysteries.

“Shadow Bones” revolves around Skye Blackbird’s family mine, which people believe has hidden treasures including diamonds and dinosaur bones. This discovery leads to vandalism and murders by someone who does not want the site unearthed, thus putting Skye’s and a palaeontologist's lives in danger.

In “Windigo Twilight” the main character, Becca, investigates her relatives’ involvement in the fatal accident that killed her parents by working for Max Duncan as a research assistant on the family’s island. The island carries secrets, including an Ojibwa legend creature that threatens Becca’s life.