What Are Some of the Books in the "Chronicles of Brother Cadfael" Series?

Books in the "Chronicles of Brother Cadfael" series include "A Morbid Taste of Bones" and "One Corpse Too Many," the first two books in the over-20-book series. Another book in the series is "Dead Man's Ransom," the ninth novel in the medieval mystery series.

"A Morbid Taste of Bones" opens the series and introduces the main character of the novels, Brother Cadfael, an herbalist who has been at the Shrewsbury Abbey for 17 years and fought in the First Crusade. In this first novel, the monk becomes embroiled in a mystery concerning the relics of a saint that have been improperly removed from their resting place.

The titular extra corpse in the second novel is found among rebels hanged by the king, but the one corpse too many has been murdered in another manner and for other reasons, and it is up to Brother Cadfael to unravel the mystery.

"Dead Man's Ransom" has Brother Cadfael in company of a prisoner that has been bought to the abbey and can be ransomed for the district's sheriff, who is a prisoner of the district's enemies. Brother Cadfael's task becomes complicated when he realizes that the prisoner and the sheriff's daughter have fallen passionately in love, and he must decide the proper way to proceed.