What Are Some Books by Charles Todd?

Charles Todd has published over 20 novels, including "A Pattern of Lies," "An Unwilling Accomplice," "Hunting Shadows," "A Question of Honor" and "Proof of Guilt." Charles Todd is the pen name of the mother-and-son writing team Caroline and Charles Todd.

Charles and Caroline Todd are best known for a series of mysteries investigated by the character Inspector Ian Rutledge in post-WWI England. They published their first novel about him, "A Test of Wills," in 1996. As of 2015, the series contains 16 books, with the 17th, "A Fine Summer's Day," due for publication sometime in 2015.

The duo has also written several novels about Bess Crawford, an English nurse stationed in France during World War II. This series starts with "A Duty to the Dead," released in 2009. Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews and Library Journal give the series positive reviews, praising the heroine and mystery elements of the plot. "A Question of Honor" is about Bess Crawford, a World War I nurse and amateur detective, investigating an old murder that happened during her childhood in India. While investigating, something changes her and leaves her asking the question: How can facts lie?

Charles and Caroline have also written two stand-alone novels, "The Murder Stone" and "The Walnut Tree." "The Murder Stone," like the Rutledge novels, focuses on a mystery in a post-WWI setting. It received less favorable reviews than the series, however, with Publishers Weekly calling it predictable. In "The Walnut Tree," the authors take a step away from the mystery genre to write a love story.

"A Pattern of Lies" is about Bess Crawford going to war-torn France to keep a pattern of lies from leading to more deaths after an explosion at the Ashton Gunpowder Mill kills more than 100 men. "Hunting Shadows" is about a wedding at Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire becoming the scene of a murder. Inspector Ian Rutledge investigates, and it brings back memories of something he saw during World War I.