What Are Some Books by Charlaine Harris?

What Are Some Books by Charlaine Harris?

"Real Murders," "Shakespeare's Landlord," "Dead Until Dark" and "Midnight Crossroad" are some books by Charlaine Harris. Each is the first book in its series of light mysteries, two of which have paranormal characters.

"Real Murders" features Aurora "Roe" Teagarden, small-town Georgia librarian and member of a true crime discussion group. In this story, the killing of a fellow member of the Real Murders club copies the crime the club had planned to discuss.

"Shakespeare's Landlord" begins the story of Lily Bard, a woman so traumatized that she speaks only when absolutely necessary, makes practicing karate a priority, and chooses to earn her living cleaning houses, though she is educated. Having moved to a new town to start life over, she finds her landlord's body and quietly investigates. At the same time, she discovers that someone has found out about her past and is stalking her.

In "Dead Until Dark," the first of the lighthearted Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series, vampires are real and have recently become legal members of society. Sookie, a waitress in a small Louisiana town who can read minds, meets and quickly falls for Bill, who is a vampire. Murders start happening at about the same time that vampires have come to her town, so suspicion falls on the vampires, even though they can now subsist on artificial blood and have no need for killing. Sookie needs to solve the crimes to protect Bill and herself from anti-vampire actions.

The tiny town of Midnight, Texas, has few permanent residents. Most of those who live at the crossing of Witch Light and Davy Roads are from elsewhere and have their secrets – and paranormal abilities. They have formed a community, accepting one another without asking questions. In "Midnight Crossing," when the pawnshop proprietor's girlfriend disappears, the questions start.