What Are Some Books by Brad Thor?


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Some books by Brad Thor are "Code of Conduct," "Act of War," "Hidden Order" and "Black List." Additional books by this author include "Full Black" and "The Athena Project."

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"Code of Conduct" is a novel about a secret group that is hidden within a powerful world organization. The members of this group are untouchable, and they have a destructive agenda. The story begins when a four-second video clip is anonymously sent to Washington D.C. and operative Scot Harvath is assigned to investigate it.

"Act of War" is about the mysterious overseas death of a CIA agent and the disappearance of six exchange students. To add to the mystery, two airplane passengers trade places, and a person seeking political asylum is arrested. Operative Scot Harvath is again chosen to carry out two extremely dangerous missions for the United States.

In "Black List," someone adds Scot Harvath's name to a secret assassination list controlled by a very select group of people in the United States government. Harvath is forced to evade the people sent to murder him. In addition, he has to figure out who is targeting him and why. A plan for a terrorist attack against the U.S. hangs in the balance.

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