What Are Some Books by Bernard Cornwell?

What Are Some Books by Bernard Cornwell?

Bernard Cornwell's most known series of books is "The Sharpe Stories." Other well known works by Cornwell are "The Warlord Chronicles" and "The Saxon stories."

"The Sharpe Stories" is an ongoing series of historical fiction works that follow Richard Sharpe, a young soldier, during the Napoleonic Wars. As of 2015, Cornwell has published 21 novels in this series. "Sharpe's Tiger" is the first book to introduce the character of Richard Sharpe. The "Sharpe" books inspired the British television series "Sharpe," starring Sean Bean as the protagonist.

"The Warlord Chronicles," also known as "The Arthur Books," is a trilogy centered on King Arthur. The series consists of "The Winter King," "Enemy of God" and "Excalibur." The author has stated that the books in this series are his favorite works.

"The Saxon Stories," otherwise known as "The Warrior Chronicles," is another series of historical fiction novels; Bernard Cornwell is still working on this series as of 2015. There are currently nine novels in this series of books that tell of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom Wessex, featuring the main character Uhtred of Bebbanburg.

Other notable works by author Cornwell include "The Grail Quest Series," "The Starbuck Chronicles," and the standalone novels "Azincourt" and "Gallows Thief."