What Are Some Books in the "Amulet" Series?


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The Amulet comic series by Kazu Kibuishi has six books to date, with the first, "The Stonekeeper," published in 2008. "The Stonekeeper's Curse," "The Cloud Searchers," "The Last Council," "Prince of the Elves," and "Escape From Lucien" followed between 2009 and 2014. The seventh installment, "Firelight," is due in 2016.

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Amulet is a graphic novel series about a young girl named Emily Hayes and her younger brother Navin. On the very first night in their new house, their mother is abducted by a strange creature. The two children follow them to the basement, where they find a portal to another world. They embark on an adventure to save their mother and return home. Their task proves much harder than any of them could anticipate, and the children are soon dragged into the middle of an elven war. Through their journeys, Emily begins to discover the powers of the strange amulet she found in her grandfather's house.

Kibuishi, the author of the series, is an American graphic novelist and illustrator. He has a film studies degree from the University of California and has published a number of comics and graphic novels. Some of his early work was inspired by his childhood memories of Japan.

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