What Are Some Books by Allison Brennan?

What Are Some Books by Allison Brennan?

Books by Allison Brennan include Lucy Kincaid and Max Revere series books such as “Love Me to Death,” “Kiss Me, Kill Me,” “Notorious” and “Poisonous.” “Original Sin” from the Seven Deadly Sins series is another book by Allison Brennan. The books focus on female characters with skills that help in solving crimes.

In “Love Me to Death,” the character Lucy clears her name with help from a security expert by solving a case related to murdered sex offenders that she had been hunting online and also defends her life against a ruthless stalker.

In “Kiss Me, Kill Me,” Lucy helps solve a case about a missing teenager with a secret life. The clues collide with another case on serial killings that forces Lucy to face her fears. The case is under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“Notorious” revolves around cold cases related to an investigative reporter named Maxine. The cases involving her best friends lead back home for a burial that makes her uncover secrets and the truths surrounding the mysteries. Maxine solves another cold case revolving around a dead teenager who was an Internet bully in “Poisonous” by uncovering evidence and finding information from the teenager’s dysfunctional family.

“Original Sin” is a supernatural thriller that focuses on a witch named Moira who stops her mother from controlling demons representing the seven deadly sins that can shift the world to the dark side.