What Are the Books in the Alex Cross Series in Order?

books-alex-cross-series-order Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

James Patterson's fictional Alex Cross is a psychologist who consults with the FBI and Washington, D.C. Police Department's Major Case Squad on missing persons and homicide cases. During a high-profile case, Cross finds and rescues two Washington Day School students. A later case finds him searching for the president's children.

The order of the series is as follows:

  1. "Along Came a Spider"
  2. "Kiss the Girls"
  3. "Jack & Jill"
  4. "Cat and Mouse"
  5. "Pop Goes the Weasel"
  6. "Roses Are Red"
  7. "Violets Are Blue"
  8. "Four Blind Mice"
  9. "The Big Bad Wolf"
  10. "London Bridges"
  11. "Mary, Mary"
  12. "Cross"
  13. "Double Cross"
  14. "Cross Country"
  15. "Alex Cross's Trial"
  16. "I, Alex Cross"
  17. "Cross Fire"
  18. "Kill Alex Cross"
  19. "Merry Christmas, Alex Cross"
  20. "Alex Cross, Run"
  21. "Cross My Heart"
  22. "Hope to Die"

The books "Merry Christmas, Alex Cross" and "Alex Cross's Trial" focus on the Cross family but are not part of the main Alex Cross series.

Cross leaves his full-time position with the police department and starts a private psychology practice, but even then, he cannot avoid getting drawn into murder investigations. One case even pits him against the man who killed his first wife. Cross goes up against serial killers, including Casanova and The Gentleman Caller; killers who target famous actors and children; and a madman who wants nothing more than to kill Cross's wife, Bree, and his children.