What Is the Book Summary of Black Beauty?

book-summary-black-beauty Credit: Christian Behrens/CC-BY-2.0

The book "Black Beauty" is an autobiographical story told from the perspective of Black Beauty: the main character who is a spirited stallion. "Black Beauty" tells the story of Black Beauty’s life in several phases, beginning with his birth then journeying through his life as a foal, a yearling and ultimately as a mature stallion.

"Black Beauty" begins with the birth of Black Beauty, which takes place in the stall of a beautiful old barn. Black Beauty grows quickly with the assistance and guidance of his doting mother who teaches her son, as any human mother would, the things that he should and should not do, what to eat, who to interact with and the like. Black Beauty’s mother raises him to be a well-behaved young colt, but despite her best attempts to keep her son forever by her side, the horses’ human owners have different plans for the pair. The owners sell Beauty to a man named Squire Gordon who adds Black Beauty to his collection of three horses: Ginger, Merrylegs and Oliver. Ultimately, Gordon sells the stallion to Earlshall Park; life here is harsh, and Beauty suffers abuse. His next sale is to Jerry, a cab driver who cares for Beauty until he falls ill. Beauty ultimately changes hands of ownership several more times, ending up at a pasture owned by the Blomefield family, for whom his first owner, Joe Green, works. Green recognizes Beauty upon his arrival and cares for Beauty in his remaining days.