When Was Book Six of Jean Auel's Earth's Children Series, "The Land of Painted Caves," Released?


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The sixth and final book in the Earth's Children series, "The Land of Painted Caves," came out in hardcover on March 29, 2011. The mass-market paperback release date was Nov. 22, 2011.

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The series by Jean M. Auel tells the story of Ayla, a blond-haired, blue-eyed prehistoric child who walks upright and can talk. The Neanderthals who find her and heal her injuries adopt her, even though she is one of "The Others." In "The Land of Painted Caves," Ayla has a daughter of her own with Jondalar, a man of the Zelandonii. They live in the Ninth Cave with his tribe, and Ayla trains as an acolyte to become a healer and spiritual leader.

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