What Does the Book "Politics for Dummies" Cover?


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The book “Politics for Dummies” covers information about political systems and elections in the United States, including how to actually choose a party and a candidate and cast a vote. Author Ann DeLaney details the processes involved in a political campaign and details how to donate time and money to a favorite candidate.

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In the book, Delaney presents a complete explanation of presidential politics, including what happened in the 2000 presidential election and explains how to get past the propaganda to the truth. Readers can sharpen their understanding of such terms as caucuses, lobbyists, primaries and pollsters, as well as get a clearer view of specific political parties and interest groups. The book tells how to get the attention of a congressional representative to let him know one’s personal opinions and how to use the Internet to pursue political interests or goals. Other subjects include methods, purposes and effects of public opinion polls, how money influences policy, where a monetary contribution goes, why one individual’s opinion counts, methods of choosing parties and candidates, political advertising and marketing methods and how negative campaigning works or does not work. Several top ten lists in the book include "The Ten Commandments of Modern Politics," "Ten Things to Teach Your Children About Politics" and "Ten Common Political Mistakes." The book's appendix lists state voting requirements for easy reference.

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