What Is the Book "Lone Survivor" About?


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Written in 2007, "Lone Survivor" details an eyewitness account of Operation Redwing. This operation was carried out by four Navy SEALs in 2005 to track the movements and activity of an Al-Qaeda leader who was close to Osama bin Laden.

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The mission the SEALs were given was held along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, and what was supposed to be a simple reconnaissance mission turned into a bloodbath with only one SEAL making it out alive. The story is told by the surviving SEAL, Marcus Luttrell, who outlines how his comrades died in battle. When the SEALs head out to the border, they are discovered by a group of herders. Rather than kill them, the SEALs let them go, only to discover the herders revealed their position to members of the Taliban.

The book begins with Navy SEAL training in Coronado, outlining the difficult process of becoming a SEAL. By the time the book ends, readers understand why the training is so difficult as the book outlines an intense battle sequence in which four Navy SEALS lost their lives.

"Lone Survivor" is a tale meant for those with or without a military background. It outlines exactly what is involved in a military operation and puts it into terms anyone can understand. In 2013, "Lone Survivor" was made into a film by the same name, starring Mark Wahlberg.

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