What Is the Book "Jay's Journal" About?

What Is the Book "Jay's Journal" About?

"Jay's Journal" is a collection of journal entries from a depressed adolescent boy who's life spirals downward with his involvement in the occult. The diary, kept at the urging of his Sunday school teacher, captures his struggle with evil and his eventual demise.

Boasting an IQ of 149, Jay is an ambitious, bright student passionate about his school work. Jay is ready to handle anything thrown his way, and wonders if his peers can employ the same "carefree" approach.

As Jay falls in with the wrong crowd, he finds himself experimenting with drugs and the occult. Fascinated with the"dark side," Jay begins doing things never thought possible, even partaking in Satanic rituals.

As he falls deeper in love with a girl he knows he should stay away from, he becomes so far consumed in the occult that there is no way out. At the age of 16, Jay commits suicide with his father's pistol, learned by readers afterward in a letter from Jay's mother.

The book was published by Simon & Schuster in 1979 through an "anonymous" author and edited by Beatrice Jones. While Jones is known for producing cautionary tales based on the "real diaries" of troubled teens, the authenticity of this journal is debated.