What Is the Book "The Hiding Place" About?


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"The Hiding Place" describes the efforts of Corrie ten Boom and her family to hide Jews from the Nazis during World War II, the family's subsequent arrest, and their experiences in a concentration camp. Ten Boom's story was also made into a film in 1975.

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Corrie ten Boom, her sister Betsie, and their father Casper were living quiet, ordinary lives as watchmakers in the Netherlands when the Nazis invaded and occupied their country. The family became increasingly concerned about the plight of Jews living in their area and believed they needed to do whatever was necessary to help them, giving them stolen ration cards, involving themselves in black market operations to help the Jews escape, and eventually constructing a secret room in their house in which to hide them.

The Nazis eventually discovered the family's involvement with the resistance movement, captured them, and sent them to a concentration camp, where they were subject to harsh treatment and difficult manual labor. Betsie and Casper died in captivity, but Corrie was eventually freed due to a clerical error and went on to write about her experiences in 1971.

The book also includes details of Corrie's early life, her misgivings about having to lie, steal, and bribe people in order to protect the Jews, and the efforts of other members of the resistance movement.

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