What Is the Book "Experanza Rising" About?


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Set in the era of the Great Depression, "Esperanza Rising" tells the tale of a wealthy Mexican girl and her mother who flee to California after a tragedy strikes their family. In the United States, Esperanza and her Mama face difficulties adjusting to a life of poverty and physical labor.

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The book "Esperanza Rising" begins in Mexico, where Esperanza lives on a large ranch with her family. Every day, she wears fancy dresses and enjoys being waited on by servants in her beautiful home. After a sudden tragedy strikes her family, Esperanza and her mother run away to the United States and settle in California at a camp for Mexican farm workers. Facing the Great Depression, discrimination, and hard physical labor, Esperanza must learn to rise above her problems.

"Esperanza Rising" was written by Pam Munoz Ryan and tells the fictionalized tale of her Grandmother, who went from living a wealthy lifestyle in Mexico to poverty in California. The book explores the struggles and triumphs of Esperanza as she fights for the livelihood of herself and her mother. Through Esperanza's struggles, readers are exposed to the real problems that were faced by migrant Mexican workers in the United States through the Great Depression era.

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