What Is the Book "Ethics on the Job" About?


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“Ethics on the Job: Cases and Strategies," co-written by Raymond S. Pfeiffer and Ralph P. Forsberg, is a step-by-step guide to help students make good, ethical decisions when faced with probable ethical conflicts in the workplace. With strategies, detailed analyses and detailed case studies, this book provides a powerful toolkit to help manage and resolve future ethical dilemmas at work.

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With this book, readers can hope to develop an understanding of philosophical and ethical concepts like rights, justice and rules. It also explains how these concepts can be applied to resolve ethical issues in their own personal and professional lives. Guidelines are provided on how to identify the presence of an ethical dilemma or problem, how to find possible solutions and how to analyze the possible impact of each in order to arrive at the most optimal outcome. The idea of ‘professionalism’ is explored along with its history and implications. For students struggling to find particular dilemmas within the text, a topical guide to the cases is provided to simplify this task.

"Ethics on the Job" was first published in 1993, but multiple reprints since then testify to its popularity, both in business schools and in corporate training programs across the United States. It is now considered a classic textbook to understand, explain and implement the concepts of ethical decision-making in a professional setting.

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