How do you find book cover images?


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Book cover images are available on book websites such as Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com, and on publishers' websites such as PenguinRandomHouse.com, HarperCollins.com, or Tor.com. Amazon and Barnes & Noble show a wide range of covers for books currently in print and on sale, while the publishers' sites show only the books that they have published themselves.

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How do you find book cover images?
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If you know the publisher of the book, you can usually find the cover image for the book on the publisher's website. Often, you can also find the cover image on the author's website, and sometimes you can find it on the website of the cover designer or illustrator. These cover images are usually not available more than a few months in advance of the book's publication. Book cover images are protected by copyright, and users may only show or reproduce them for promotional purposes. If book covers include images, either the cover designer creates the images, or the publisher uses images that are not under copyright restrictions or are available through a Creative Commons license. Book cover images can be photographs, text only, or any other kind of suitable graphic or illustration. Typically, the cover features the author and title of the book over the cover image.

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