What Is the Book "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life" About?


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"Change Your Brain, Change Your Life" is a book that explains how to use the brain to its fullest potential. The book has scientific evidence that depression, anxiety, anger, obsessiveness and compulsiveness might be linked to how certain structures in the brain work. The book explains which brain systems are connected with particular problems, gives detailed checklists to spot problems and provides specific brain prescriptions to help strengthen brain function and treat the problems.

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A few of the brain prescriptions are using breathing techniques to overcome anxiety and panic; learning how to stop automatic negative thoughts to fight depression; following the Amen anti-anger diet and learning the nutrients that calm rage to control anger; developing total focus with the "One-Page Miracle" to control compulsiveness and learn to focus; and using the get unstuck writing exercise and learning other problem solving exercises to prevent obsessive worrying.

Dr. Daniel Amen, neuropsychiatrist and author of the book, has used advanced brain imaging technology for many years to help patients understand that the way their brains are wired can affect emotions and thoughts. He has done studies on brain injuries affecting professional athletes, and he works for the National Football League as a post-concussion consultant.

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