What Is the Book "Who Asked You" About?


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"Who Asked You" is a story about a low-income black family in modern-day Los Angeles. While the family as a whole has plenty of problems, the story centers most on the bickering sisters, Betty Jean (BJ), Arlene and Venetia. The bickering takes place as the sisters see their kids grow up and face various issues head on.

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BJ has plenty of problems she needs to overcome as the story unfolds and she attempts to form a real relationship with her estranged sisters. Early in the story, BJ's drug-addicted daughter decides her mother would be a better caretaker for her own children and leaves BJ with the kids.

Arlene has her own demons to contend with including being rather overprotective of her gay son, who struggled with coming out about his sexuality. While these people go about their daily lives, they also have to deal with a successful family member, Quentin, who won't lift a finger to help a family that is clearly struggling.

BJ had to settle for a job as a room service delivery worker because her former UPS driver husband has started to succumb to the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease. The book illustrates how this family deals with the problems it faces and manages to come together.

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