What Are Some Boat Names Featured in Movies?

What Are Some Boat Names Featured in Movies?

Boats that are features in movies include Tugboat Annie, Antonia Graza, Orca and Suck My Wake. In some of the movies that include these ships, the movie is focused totally on the boats, while others just make a brief appearance or get destroyed.

Tugboat Annie. from the movie of the same name, was not the original boat by that name. The boat, before it was in the movie, was called the Wallowa. The boat, which is one of the oldest wooden hull tug boats in the country, is now named Arthur Floss. The boat was created in 1887 and has been fully renovated.

Antonia Graza, from "Ghost Ship," is a fictional ship that never actually existed. The ship in the movie was an abandoned passenger ship, based on Italian ocean lines in the 1960s, which turned out to be full of horrors for the people finding it.

Orca is the ship from "Jaws" that played a key part in putting an end to the huge shark that was killing people. The ship was around 25 feet long, almost the same size as the shark itself. The movie debuted in 1975.

Suck My Wake, from "The Great Outdoors," is one of the boats that only makes a brief appearance. Though it is an important moment to the movie, the boat itself isn't in the movie much. The boat plays a large role in character development in the movie.