How Is Black Paint Made?

Black paint is made by mixing together the three primary colors. These are yellow, red and blue.

Many artists choose to make their own black paint instead of buying it, because it gives them greater control of the type of black they use. This black can be more intense or less so, ranging from soft to medium to very strong and bold. Creating black paints in this way results in a finish with more tone and depth.

Black colored paints are often made by mixing equal amounts of colors based on the three primary colors. There are variations on this, including using black and mixing it with other colors. Some examples are below.

  • Soft black - to create a delicate, soft black use an aureolin yellow, rose madder genuine red and cobalt blue.
  • Medium black - to create a medium-strength black use a new gamboge yellow, permanent rose red and French ultramarine blue.
  • Heavy black - to create a black that is heavy, bold and strong, use winsor yellow, permanent alizarin crimson red and winsor blue.
  • Deep, cold black - to create a deep, cold black mix permanent alizarin crimson red with ultramarine blue.
  • Deep, red-black - to create a deep black with hints of red, mix permanent alizarin crimson red with ivory black.