What Are Some Black History Plays for Children to Perform?


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"Don't Sleep under the Mapou Tree!" "Peanutman" and "Anansi the Spider and the Middle Passage" are Black History plays for children to perform. "Don't Sleep under the Mapou Tree!" is adapted from Haitian folklore and consists of two short plays. Casting calls for six children who play elephants and villagers.

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"Peanutman" is a biographical play about George Washington Carver. It examines the racism Carter encountered and how he overcame it. It requires a cast of three to five children and lasts 45 minutes. "Anansi the Spider and the Middle Passage" features Anansi, a beloved spider from African folklore. It tells the story of a mother and daughter sold into slavery. Up to 19 children can be included in the cast, as well as an African drummer.

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