What Are Some Bits of Trivia From "The Truman Show"?


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Bits of trivia from "The Truman Show" include the fact that Jim Carrey took a pay cut of $8 million to do the movie, which was originally titled "The Malcolm Show." The movie was shot almost entirely within a planned community in Seaside, Florida.

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Carrey was still filming "Liar, Liar" when he accepted the lead in "The Truman Show." The production team had to wait one year before Carrey's schedule opened up. During the year of waiting, Peter Weir and Andrew Niccol wrote 14 drafts of the script and a 10-page backstory that constituted the history of "The Truman Show" talk show within the movie.

Gary Oldman was the original lead for "The Malcolm Show." Later, Ed Harris replaced Dennis Hopper at the 11th hour. Carrey finished filming before Harris came on board, and the two never met during filming. Seven compositions by Philip Glass make up the soundtrack for "The Truman Show," and Glass even made a cameo, playing piano in a scene where Truman is asleep onscreen.

The 1940s and Norman Rockwell were big inspirations for Weir and Niccol; the planned community in Seaside, Florida echoes these inspirations. The plot of "The Truman Show" is remotely similar to two episodes of "The Twilight Zone" and a short film, "The Secret Cinema."

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