What Are Some "birthday in Heaven" Quotes?

birthday-heaven-quotes Credit: Buena Vista Images/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Some birthday in heaven quotes are, "If I could send a birthday card to Heaven/I would write down all the thank you's never said," "It's your birthday up in heaven/And I'm wondering what you'll do" and "Hope this special day in heaven is incredible/Because I'm sending you lots of love and hugs." Birthday in heaven poems and quotes wish a happy birthday to a loved one who has passed away.

When wishing a loved one in heaven a happy birthday, the well wisher may write the loved one a poem or story expressing the things they would say if the loved one were still on earth. For example, the following lines express that sentiment, "If I could send a birthday card to Heaven... and apologize for all the grief I gave to you."

Birthday in heaven poems may also express that the speaker is happy that the person in heaven is free from sorrow, worry or pain such as the lines, "I would say you are the best I could have had/That I'm happy you are free of pain and sorrow."

In other cases, the speaker may wonder about what the loved one is doing in heaven, such as expressed in the lines, "And a cake to honor you?/Are the kitchen angels busy/Breaking eggs and sifting flour/."