What Are Biomechanical Drawings?


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Biomechanical drawings are a type of drawing that captures the science of the human body's movement. They generally include muscle, tendon and ligament structures. Many of them feature an image of aliens or skeletons behind the structures.

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Drawings that focus on biomechanical images are popular as art pieces and tattoo designs. Swiss artist H.R. Giger was a renowned biomechanical artist. He created drawings that often chronicled dark subjects, such as an alien progressing from egg to larva and eventually being birthed from a human body. His drawings became the design for the 1979 movie "Alien," and the drawings and movie made biomechanical tattoos very popular.

Biomechanical tattoos, also known as "Bio-Mech," often combine the physiology of the human body with robotics. In the drawings, living tissue is often enmeshed with machinery. When done well, these tattoos take on a three-dimensional quality, making it appear as if the skin and flesh have been pulled away. According to CreateMyTattoo.com, sometimes the effect is one of exposed wires and circuitry. Some biomechanical tattoos are rendered in shades of black and gray to give the illusion of machinery, while others are rendered in vivid color.

Biomechanical drawings often seem nightmarish. However, according to Tattoos-and-Art.com, some people have biomechanical tattoos that hint that there's something beautiful inside the image, such as an inner light or butterflies.

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