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Forensic petrographer Scott Wolter is the author of four books and the president of American Petrographic Services, which investigates stone artifacts and the lore surrounding them. He is the host of “America Unearthed” on H2, part of the A&E Television Network.

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A childhood interest in rocks led college student Scott Wolter to collect Lake Superior agates. His collecting led him to a bachelor’s degree in geology (awarded in 1982) and to publish his first book “Amazing Agates: Lake Superior's Banded Gemstone.” Perhaps his fascination also led him to develop the new science he calls archaeopetrography, a scientific process that dates stone artifacts and sites in order to document and understand their origins.

The first artifact that Wolter examined using archaeotrography was Minnesota’s Kensington Rune Stone, supposedly crafted by 14th-century Scandinavian explorers. His claims that the Rune Stone is a pre-Columbian land claim left by the Knights Templar became the subject of the 2009 television documentary “The Holy Grail in America.” Since 2012, he has hosted “America Unearthed,” for which he investigates and presents evidence of the origins of American curiosities such as the subterranean wall at Rockwall, Texas, and the underwater pyramids supposedly built in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, and their connection to the Aztecs.

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