What Is the Biography of Antoine Lavoisier?

There are three notable biographies of the French chemist Antoine Lavoisier. Rebecca B. Marcus, Sarah R. Riedman and Andrew Susac have made contributions to analyses of Lavoisier's life.

The biographies take different approaches to the life of Lavoisier. For instance, Marcus' "Antoine Lavoisier: and the Revolution in Chemistry" emphasizes Lavoisier's contributions to chemistry, but it also notes his execution during the Reign of Terror in 1794 at the age of 51. Riedman's biography also stresses Lavoisier's groundbreaking science.

The Susac biography, "The Clock, the Balance, and the Guillotine: The Life of Antoine Lavoisier," is more focused on the ways Lavoisier ran afoul of the French Revolution and the beliefs that led to his demise. Susac's work concentrates more on humanistic social history than Lavoisier's scientific work.