What Are Some Biographies Written About the Wright Brothers?

Some biographies written about the Wright Brothers include David McCullough's "The Wright Brothers" and Tom Crouch's "The Bishop's Boys: A Life of Wilbur and Orville Wright." While these in-depth books are suitable for adults, there are also a number of biographies aimed at children. These include "The Wright Brothers" by Paul Joseph, "Taking Flight: The Story of the Wright Brothers" by Stephen Krensky and "The Wright Brothers: A Flying Start" by Elizabeth MacLeod.

Elizabeth MacLeod's biography for children, published by the Kids Can Press in 2002, follows the Wright Brothers from their early dreams of aviation as young men through their numerous setbacks to the final realization of their dream.

Tom Crouch's biography details how the Wright Brothers were raised with a bishop for a father. Their mechanical skills came from their mother, who learned hers from her father's carriage shop. She was also interested in science and mathematics. Both parents contributed to the Wright Brothers' spirit of invention by encouraging their children's curiosity and independent thought, according to Crouch.

"The Wright Brothers" by David McCullough relates the difficulties and misfortunes that beset Orville and Wilbur in the early days of their journey to invent the airplane. It also describes the day-to-day lives of the brothers, who lived together, ate together, pooled their finances together and had few attachments beyond each other.