What Is Bimbo's Role in "The Male Man"?


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Bimbo, a dog, is the main character in the cartoon episode, "The Male Man." He works for the post office, delivering and sorting the mail. In this particular episode, Bimbo is out making deliveries when he comes across what looks like an abandoned house.

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Upon arrival, Bimbo discovers that the house is not, in fact, abandoned at all. A group of skeletal figures wearing hooded robes inhabits it. They give Bimbo a package addressed to Davey Jones, which requires delivery to the bottom of the sea. Bimbo accepts the package and sets off to make the delivery. As he carries the package, it grows larger and larger, forcing Bimbo to drag it eventually. While doing this, he inadvertently falls over the edge of a cliff and into the ocean, ripping the package open as he falls to reveal that it contains many smaller envelopes.

While down in the ocean, Bimbo finds a house and sees the dancing silhouette of a beautiful woman inside, so he goes to knock on the door. Much to his surprise, Bimbo discovers that the shadow was actually a frightening octupus's legs. Terrified, Bimbo runs away with the octopus in pursuit. It turns out that the letters that had fallen into the sea were for the octupus, who collects the envelopes and returns home.

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