What Bikinis Has Heidi Watney Worn?


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American sportscaster Heidi Watney wears bikinis in many colors, including red, green and black. Images of her in bikinis can be found on her Instagram profile page.

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Heidi Watney is a popular American sportscaster. She participates in a number of sports herself, such as gymnastics and cheerleading. Her athleticism gives her a physical attractiveness that plays a role in her popularity. Her Instagram has over 16,000 followers, as of 2015, and features multiple pictures of her in bikinis.

One picture is a selfie of Heidi Watney in a thin green bikini. The picture features her family and friends floating on water tubes on the San Joaquin River. Another picture from the San Joaquin River features her in a red and white bikini with black dots. She is with her niece, who has a bloody nose from hitting a tree. Both of these pictures are from the week of July 20th in 2015.

A picture from the last week of December in 2014 features Heidi in Tahiti. She is wearing a thin light blue bikini. Another image is from a vacation in the Dominican from the week of November 11th in 2013. In that picture, she is wearing a strapless white bikini. Both of these pictures feature her and her husband, Mike Wickham.

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