Where Does Bigfoot Live?


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It is difficult to pinpoint the exact location of Bigfoot's domain as the large, hairy creature has been spotted in various areas in the world. The monster-like apeman has been referenced throughout history. Bigfoot has been seen at Mount St. Helens and in California and British Columbia.

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Where Does Bigfoot Live?
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Bigfoot Safari, which hosts Bigfoot adventures in British Columbia, notes that it cannot pin down where the creature lives as he has been seen in Asia, where he is known as Yeti, he has been spotted several places in Canada, where he is called Sasquatch, and he has been seen at Mount St. Helens, where his alias is Bigfoot.

Bigfoot Safaris takes adventure seekers through the Bigfoot wilderness area of Shawnigan Lake. Spotters on the excursion try to find a creature that is reported to stand around 4 feet 7 inches tall and weighs hundreds of pounds. According the company, the best proof that Sasquatch exists is found in its supposed footprints, each of which were about 17 inches long and around 7 inches wide. Despite the many reports concerning Bigfoot, no carcass has ever been found.

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