What Are Some Beyblade Characters?


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The major characters in the popular anime series "Beyblade" include Tyson Granger, Kai, Max Tate, Ray Kon, Kenny, Hilary, Daichi and Hiro Granger. These characters are all on specific teams within the show.

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Other characters on the show include the "All Stars" team members. These characters include Michael Parker, Rick Anderson, Emily York, Eddy Wheeler, Steven Jones and Judy Tate. "The Dark Bladers" characters include Sanguinex, Lupinex, Cenotaph and Zomb. "The Majestics" include Robert Jurgens, Enrique Giancarlo, Johnny McGregor and Oliver Polanski. "The White Tigers" include Lee Wong, Mariah, Kevin, Gary and Master Tao. Several other teams consisting of many more characters make up the rest of the supporting cast. The character list continues to grow with each season in both major and supporting cast.

The characters and plot line of the show are based off of a popular Japanese manga comic by the name of "Explosive Shoot Beyblade." The show revolves around Tyson, the main character. The story follows him as he enters a Beyblade tournament and competes with other leading teams from around the world in the strange sport involving spinning tops battling it out as monsters. The show has many successful spin offs and a live action movie.

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