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Beth Short is the victim of an infamous 1940s murder mystery that remains unsolved, as of 2015. Short was 22 years old at the time of her murder, living in Los Angeles, California. Following her murder, Short was nicknamed the "Black Dahlia" by the media. The LAPD conducted an in-depth investigation of the murder, but the killer was never found. Short's story was covered heavily by the press, and has been the subject of many films and television shows.

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Elizabeth Short was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but moved to Los Angeles, California, in the 1940s in pursuit of becoming a famous actress. Because Short was a young and beautiful aspiring actress, the media's portrayal of her murder was that of a "film noir" murder mystery, rather than a standard murder. The drama of her murder was reinforced by her renowned nickname, The Black Dahlia. Short's murder was brutal, leaving her body in an open field and in a gruesome state. Police found her body, mangled and cut in half at the waist. Although the killer was never found, some suspect Dr. George Hill Hodel. Even Hodel's son believes him to be guilty and assisted in reopening the case in 2013 with retired police sergeant Paul Dostie.

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