What Are the Benefits of Taking Free Painting Courses?


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A free painting course helps you develop visual-spatial abilities, encourages experimentation and teaches you a new skill with minimal impact on your budget. According to a study by Boston.com, skills gained from artistic pursuits differ from those gained from more traditional math, science and English classes, which gives arts classes like painting a unique benefit.

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Persistence is another skill that a painting class encourages, because it requires students to work on a painting or project over a sustained period of time to develop their skill. This encourages students to push through periods of frustration or difficulty, and that habit can benefit students in other areas of their life as well. Painting can also improve powers of observation, especially if the class centers on recreating elements of the real world like people, objects or animals.

PBS reports that arts classes such as painting are also highly beneficial to child development. Painting classes can help children develop skills as diverse as language, decision making and inventiveness. They also encourage a child to use the imagination and to self-express using a visual medium.

Arts classes such as painting can be cost-prohibitive, and a free painting class may not have the same quality as one that requires tuition. However, the skills development that the class can provide still offers benefits to those who can spare the time and effort required.

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